Thursday, April 12, 2012

News from the rescue

OK I really suck at blogging. I cannot access my blogg from work and we are so busy at home with the farmers markets and rescue I just do not have time. So here is the news about the rescue. We had two new baby goats born this past week, one male and one female. We will be keeping the female to milk when she gets older and selling the male. So If you know anyone who wants to start a herd or change up bloodlines in theirs, this guy and the other little male come from great parents and the moms/relatives are wonderful milkers. They are half Alpine and half Nigerian. Things are picking up at the farmers market. Ryan's produce is hosting a Farmers Market at Rotterdam Square mall, we have a booth, and there are a few other open spots. It is a great location with lots of traffic. And think no hauling around umbrells or tents in the warmer weather. If you are interested let me know and I will get the contact information to you. Because we are so busy at the Farmers Market as I said before I have just not had time to blogg as we have been making products that is selling almost faster then we can make it. Because of our high standards for the animal care we will not let them be without the normal time we put into their care... so it makes for me creating and decorating at 4am. It is worth every bit of time... we sell for them and to create new room for any furture rescues. If anyone is at Rotterdam Square Mall we will be giving out free samples and also handing out chutney samples for Ryans Produce. If you tell me you read this I will see that you get a extra large or special sample. I hope everyone had a great Easter, we did at the rescue, we spent time playing and grooming with the horses and of course playing will all the other critters. 

Cheers !!!Linda and the crew at the rescue.