Monday, March 26, 2012

Too Long.....

Hey there everyone in cyber land,
      Sorry it has been so long  between updated. We have been really busy here at the rescue. Thanks to going to the mall Farmers Market with our products, a contact was made and we may have some of the goats adopted out. Thank goodness. The baby goats are off of the  bottle, well for the most part. So that will give us a bit more time in the day for other things. We do have two more moms due so hopefully all of those babies will be able to nurse. Soon I have to milk a mom this week to create additional goat milk soap. I sold out of most popular soaps and ALL of the my  body creams and butters at the mall. Last week I made a new beeswax body cream, those all sold out also. As an FYI I checked out Burts  Bees products and here is chemicals in you may want to rethink using those products if you are chemical sensitive or just want to be as healthy and use all natural products. I am going to be busy as a be busy will all of that in the evenings and I have to get more samples and such in to Ryan's Produce in Albany here is a link to their site from mine. Link to Ryan's Produce      They are a wonderful family owned business that supports local farmers and vendors like myself.  If you are local stop in and pick up some fantastic produce, coffee, spices and grab a sandwich at the deli. Any ideas for new all natural bath products? If I use your idea I will add your site, blog ect to mine for a week. The animals are calling so off I go.

Good day to all from the " crew at the rescue"

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Hello World
        Everything went well at the farmers market at the mall. We had alot of fun and talked to some really nice people. We will be back at it this weekend also and for the rest of March. I have created a new item online, it is a sampler package. It has a bunch of nice goodies for a reallllly good price. The baby goats are growing like weeds soon they will have to go out with the others. We are expecting two more moms to give birth soon.Barter seems to be the way to go still in this day of age. As some of the baby goats were old enough we traded a couple of babies for hay. We know the person really well and trust that his wife will take good care of the goats. I was just there the other day and they are doing great. Recently I also traded body butter for a duck, lol. It worked. Still looking for homes for 6 mom cats all up to date on their shots and 3 goats. Well I am off, there are animals that need feeding.

PS here is a link to the sampler package
Sampler Package

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Farmers Market and Baby Goat

Good Morning from the rescue,
                   I cannot remember if I gave you the link to our site the other day. It is
On the site there are a few pics of some of the animals. It is busy weekend coming up as we are going to be at Rotterdam mall as part of a Farmers Market hosted by Ryan's Produce in Albany. It is going to be our first farmers market and we are really excited, we hope to raise money for the rescue. We have big plans, barn building and a purchase of land. The more products we can sell the more we can save.

                 I am going to try to add a picture of one of the baby goats on the day she was born. Two of the baby goats have to be bottle fed. This is a picture of one of them all wrapped up in a chair on a heating blanket. For some reason she did not latch on to nurse or was rejected by the mom. Anyway it is about 5 weeks later and she is doing great. We actually have them in a big dog cage in a bedroom. They think they are cats we think and eat like little piggies. lol. Well the day is calling.... good one to all. Love your animal friends.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hello From the D and W Farm and Animal Rescue

Hi all
       I am new at all this blogging stuff so please try to bear with me. The rescue started officially about a year and half ago. When we started the rescue we had wanted to just be involved with equine..... but as the phone calls came in we found that we got involved with all sorts of animals. We have had up to 38 cats here, yeah that's right 38, well cats and kittens. All needing medical care... we were foster " parents " for them while they were being nursed back to health. We have kept one of the kittens that had to be bottle feed back to health. Those innocent little lives lived in our bedroom while they were struggling for life. One in particular insisted she belonged to us and we think she believes she is human. We have 6 mom cats left all up to date on shots and fixed, if you are interested in one, and somewhat local to the Capital District Albany NY, feel free to contact us. Well it is 6am  the baby goats are calling to be fed.... so I will continue this later. Until then be kind to yourself and animals