Monday, March 26, 2012

Too Long.....

Hey there everyone in cyber land,
      Sorry it has been so long  between updated. We have been really busy here at the rescue. Thanks to going to the mall Farmers Market with our products, a contact was made and we may have some of the goats adopted out. Thank goodness. The baby goats are off of the  bottle, well for the most part. So that will give us a bit more time in the day for other things. We do have two more moms due so hopefully all of those babies will be able to nurse. Soon I have to milk a mom this week to create additional goat milk soap. I sold out of most popular soaps and ALL of the my  body creams and butters at the mall. Last week I made a new beeswax body cream, those all sold out also. As an FYI I checked out Burts  Bees products and here is chemicals in you may want to rethink using those products if you are chemical sensitive or just want to be as healthy and use all natural products. I am going to be busy as a be busy will all of that in the evenings and I have to get more samples and such in to Ryan's Produce in Albany here is a link to their site from mine. Link to Ryan's Produce      They are a wonderful family owned business that supports local farmers and vendors like myself.  If you are local stop in and pick up some fantastic produce, coffee, spices and grab a sandwich at the deli. Any ideas for new all natural bath products? If I use your idea I will add your site, blog ect to mine for a week. The animals are calling so off I go.

Good day to all from the " crew at the rescue"

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