Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Hello World
        Everything went well at the farmers market at the mall. We had alot of fun and talked to some really nice people. We will be back at it this weekend also and for the rest of March. I have created a new item online, it is a sampler package. It has a bunch of nice goodies for a reallllly good price. The baby goats are growing like weeds soon they will have to go out with the others. We are expecting two more moms to give birth soon.Barter seems to be the way to go still in this day of age. As some of the baby goats were old enough we traded a couple of babies for hay. We know the person really well and trust that his wife will take good care of the goats. I was just there the other day and they are doing great. Recently I also traded body butter for a duck, lol. It worked. Still looking for homes for 6 mom cats all up to date on their shots and 3 goats. Well I am off, there are animals that need feeding.

PS here is a link to the sampler package
Sampler Package

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