Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hello From the D and W Farm and Animal Rescue

Hi all
       I am new at all this blogging stuff so please try to bear with me. The rescue started officially about a year and half ago. When we started the rescue we had wanted to just be involved with equine..... but as the phone calls came in we found that we got involved with all sorts of animals. We have had up to 38 cats here, yeah that's right 38, well cats and kittens. All needing medical care... we were foster " parents " for them while they were being nursed back to health. We have kept one of the kittens that had to be bottle feed back to health. Those innocent little lives lived in our bedroom while they were struggling for life. One in particular insisted she belonged to us and we think she believes she is human. We have 6 mom cats left all up to date on shots and fixed, if you are interested in one, and somewhat local to the Capital District Albany NY, feel free to contact us. Well it is 6am  the baby goats are calling to be fed.... so I will continue this later. Until then be kind to yourself and animals

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