Thursday, March 8, 2012

Farmers Market and Baby Goat

Good Morning from the rescue,
                   I cannot remember if I gave you the link to our site the other day. It is
On the site there are a few pics of some of the animals. It is busy weekend coming up as we are going to be at Rotterdam mall as part of a Farmers Market hosted by Ryan's Produce in Albany. It is going to be our first farmers market and we are really excited, we hope to raise money for the rescue. We have big plans, barn building and a purchase of land. The more products we can sell the more we can save.

                 I am going to try to add a picture of one of the baby goats on the day she was born. Two of the baby goats have to be bottle fed. This is a picture of one of them all wrapped up in a chair on a heating blanket. For some reason she did not latch on to nurse or was rejected by the mom. Anyway it is about 5 weeks later and she is doing great. We actually have them in a big dog cage in a bedroom. They think they are cats we think and eat like little piggies. lol. Well the day is calling.... good one to all. Love your animal friends.

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